Welcome in our homepage. We develop course based on project experiences at Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company. Instrument work have limited time to execute, but have more complex work. Instrument work as a key to define the succesfull of project, because the last work during project execution is Instrument work.

We invite the new engineer to improve skill and knowledge to make a big opportunity joint the EPC Company. The courses consist of 3 level : Basic Instrument Inspection, Field Instrument Inspection and Control System Inspection. The Indoor Class of Instrument Inspector Course will be arrange based on requirement from Instrument Inspector candidate.

Please come and join us. The big opportunity will be received if we use the opportunity which support the big opportunity.

About the Trainer

Mr Tika Iswara had Bachelor Degree from Engineering Physics, Engineering Faculty, Gadjah Mada University. He had experiences as Instrument Engineer at PT.Pratiwi Putri Sulung for 2 years. Then he joined to PT.Wifgasindo Dinamika Instrument Engineering as Systems Engineer for 2 years. After he had 4 years experienced at Instrument sub contractor then he joined to main contractor of EPC company; PT.Rekayasa Industri as QC Engineer (Certified Instrument Inspector)

What we offer (download brochure)

QC ENGINEER INSTRUMENT. QC Engineer Instrument knowledge will guide an inspector execute inspection work accurately.


FIELD INSTRUMENT INSPECTION. Field Instrument Inspection as a partial inspection of Instrument equpment which installed at field.


CONTROL SYSTEM INSPECTION. Control Systems Inspection cover inspection of all instrument equipment which integrate connected dan control by Distributed Control System (DCS).




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