We concern for Quality of Instrumentation and Control Systems. We provide some softcopy of Training Material.

1. Basic Instrument Inspection

2. Smart Transmitter Inspection

3. Flow Computer S600




The above softcopy are some examples of  Instrument Inspector Training material. To get  completed knowledge of the above training material, please join indoor class Instrument Inspector Training.

You will get the username and password to download all softcopy training material for Level 1,,2 and 3 after completed each Level.


What we offer (download brochure)

QC ENGINEER INSTRUMENT. QC Engineer Instrument knowledge will guide an inspector execute inspection work accurately.


FIELD INSTRUMENT INSPECTION. Field Instrument Inspection as a partial inspection of Instrument equpment which installed at field.


CONTROL SYSTEM INSPECTION. Control Systems Inspection cover inspection of all instrument equipment which integrate connected dan control by Distributed Control System (DCS).


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